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“Hello! Let me introduce myself- my name is Tony Wick.


The year is 2016, I am heading into my 30th year of working in the real estate industry here in the Greater Victoria area – wow, how time flies! I first started my real estate career in 1983, when cabbage patch dolls were all the rage, M*A*S*H* (the best TV show ever!) ended, and the age of CD’s began - in other words a long time ago (lol)! At that time my entire family was in the real estate business. My mother Dora and father Derek (also a Notary Public) owned a Realty World franchaise in the “Western Communities” (now West Shore) and my sister Allison also sold real estate. Take a guess what we discussed over the dinner hour?!


I learned a TON from my parents! Mom and Dad have both now passed away and Allison got "a real job" - which makes me the last ‘Wick’ in the business, OR the last candle burning so to speak (haha!). Real estate is a business I dearly love and one I know VERY well. It's a business that has clearly changed since the my start in the 80’s- yet in many ways it’s still the same! I have ‘sold’ lots of homes and properties over the years, and am proud to say that the vast majority of my clients that bought or sold through me were consulted with, and not SOLD TO as we were all 'taught' to do. Of course ... as with every career there have been learning curves along the way, or bumps in the road so to speak ... but my consultative nature would take over and my clients' needs were ALWAYS placed before my own.


Being a consultant rather than a salesperson came naturally to me, which may be why I am not, nor ever have been a “TOP” sales agent! Oh I’ve had my share of industry awards and Certificates of Achievement with all the companies I worked for like Realty World, Ocean City & RE/MAX and with organizations I belonged to such as the Victoria Real Estate Board. While I did appreciate them at the time, today my true reward comes through thank you cards, warm hugs, referrals and repeat business – not from metal, wood and glass. Today when I think of my past sales acheivements, it's with a smile I recall the fond memories of excited clients in their new homes. Now that’s real life!


No matter whether you are a cautious first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, a family-on-the-move, a mature couple downsizing, or an executor dealing with a family estate- I can offer you honest, straight-forward guidance based on 30 years of experience and expertise. And I will do this without actually 'selling' anything to you at all!”